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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 8: Portal Page Designer

Getting back to our Lawson Design Studio article series, we’ll explore some features of the Portal Page Designer.   Like the UI Designer, the Portal Page Designer includes two sets of tools:

  • The Portal Page Designer itself, which let’s you create composite pages from Lawson (and non-Lawson) application forms.
  • To create even more complex customizations, you combine JavaScript (including Design Studio-specific objects) with the Portal Page Designer.
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NJNcreated the topic: Upload Wizard Blank Column Mapping


I am new to Lawson and exploring the upload wizard. I built an upload template for PO20, but when I open the upload wizard, it does not give me...

4 days ago

klemmyjbAccess to Grant Management HR11.3 but not HR11 , access to save effective dates

4 days ago

    Richardcreated the topic: How to tie DBWHWHS to DBBLCOR

    I am new to Lawson and have been tasked to write an SQL that lists shipments with other data.  Not knowing much about Lawson this is what I'v...

    1 week ago

    RichardWhat am I doing wrong?

    1 week ago

      RichardI am running Lawsaon v 7 on an iseries. I am trying to write an SQL that ties DBWHWHS to DBBLCOR using Doc# from WHS as Ord# on COR.

      1 week ago

        BelmaDoes anyone have a .DME file for PR13.1 data including the new Tax Info 2 tab fields (e.g. Tax Form Year RGP-FORM-YEAR)?

        1 week ago

          Kimberly Waukaureplied to: RE: mFLDS Hit Max 1000 rptgen -t error

          I'm trying to change the position of a current employee and when I'm on the pay screen of HR11.1 I am receiving an error message "Max total FTE per em...

          1 week ago

          Lesliereplied to: RE: RQC Punchout with Amazon (on-prem)

          We just went live with Amazon about a month ago. We are using the PODispatcher in IPA and sending a cMXL file, rather than straight EDI. The cXML file...

          2 weeks ago

          Colleen Bertagnollicreated the topic: BN17.1 Coverage Option Changes

          Need to delete a health coverage option for new year

          2 weeks ago

          Markneureplied to: RE: New Item Master

          Thank you all for your quick responses. I  am in agreement it would be a nightmare to maintain and no real advantage over just cleaning up the ex...

          2 weeks ago

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