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Article Series on Design Studio, Part 1: What Is It?

It’s time to kick off another LawsonGuru Letter article series. Last time we did this, it was a series on reporting—which ended up being comprised of over a dozen articles. This time, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Lawson Design Studio. The length of this series is still open-ended, and I’ll continue to add to it as time (and reader feedback, of course!) permits.

In the first couple of articles, the primary objective is to lay the groundwork. We will explore Lawson Design Studio: What it is, what you can do with it, where it fits and when you should use (and more importantly, should not use) it.

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David Williamsreplied to: RE: Req Approval IPA Change Distribution?

I’ve had to something like this and unreleased the requisition within IPA, allowed the Approver to update the distributions and re-released the requis...

4 hours ago

Scootercreated the topic: QUEUEDJOBS WebRun

QUEUEDJOBS WebRun - how to pull output fields

15 hours ago

Kat Vreplied to: RE: Req Approval IPA Change Distribution?

Yes - but I'm wondering if IPA is sophisticated enough to not close the workunit - unreleased the req, make the approver changes, re-release the req a...

15 hours ago

Sherireplied to: RE: PO requisition compiling

The PO100 set up is correct, we did not make any changes to this, the PO.1 records all have 0 - No default.
The same set up as we have always had, di...

16 hours ago

Scooterreplied to: RE: Req Approval IPA Change Distribution?

Requisition must be in "unreleased" status to make changes to it.

16 hours ago

Tim Kraynakcreated the topic: Leaving Lawson: Strategy to Stepwise disable access

We are leaving Lawson, need to stepwise disable access. LSF9. Strategy?

20 hours ago

Greg Deyreplied to: RE: LBI 10.6 Sorting by Instance Name

We also recently completed the same upgrade to 10.6 and I can sort historical instances by instance name. I'm guessing I must be doing it in a differ...

1 day ago

dcaianicreated the topic: LBI 10.6 Sorting by Instance Name

LBI 10.6 Sorting by Instance Name

1 day ago

Kat Vcreated the topic: Req Approval IPA Change Distribution?

Is anyone able to change the requisition accounting information during approvals?  I'd always said no as the req needs to be unreleased but I'm n...

2 days ago


PO222 shows open service amounts for me. Did you check PO64 for the PO you think should show? If it's open there but not showing on PO222 - I'd open...

2 days ago

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