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Inbound 856/810 Changing UoM    

Started By  EricCMH
We are using EDI with GHX - We are sending/receiving a UoM of 'CA' for an item we are purchasing and receiving. When our translation job runs inbound the 'CA' is being changed to a 'CS'. I have created a record in ED40.1 for that specific EDI vendor of 'CA' to 'CA', but we are still having the issue where these are being pulled in as 'CS'. In our translation script I know that the L1 values are being referenced if no other Substitution Value for the EDI vendor is found, but that's why I entered ...
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by  Kurt L GuldnerJump to last post
9/6/2023 4:32 PM

Management of Product/Item Substitutes    

Started By  mlbrassington1
Any users care to share how they are managing inventory items that require a substitute Is anyone: - Using the same Lawson number as the original item - Creating a new Lawson number for each new substitute required Would appreciate hearing how other organizations are handling. Thank you.
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7/18/2022 8:45 PM

Matching Error: Cannot Match-unreleased adj exists    

Started By  NJN
Our AP team is running into the error 'Cannot Match-unreleased Adj exists' when trying to match an invoice with the PO. I checked PO30 and everything is received and released. What else should I be looking for
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7/19/2022 6:16 PM

Matching Error: Cannot Match-unreleased adj exists    

Started By  NJN
Our AP team is running into the error 'Cannot Match-unreleased Adj exists' when trying to match an invoice with the PO. I checked PO30 and everything is received and released. What else should I be looking for
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by  Kat VJump to last post
7/26/2022 7:34 PM


I have tried a Add-Ins quirey but could not get it to work.  Removing manually is taking forever.
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by  Kat VJump to last post
8/17/2022 12:32 PM

MA540 Fatal Error Report- PROBLEM: Element not defined on Match Class    

Started By  SSmith
Need help in understanding and how to fix. PROBLEM: Element not defined on Match Class that's listed on the MA540 Fatal Error Report. Any assistance/guidence with tis will greatly be appreicated. Thanks!
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by  SSmithJump to last post
8/23/2022 3:45 PM

MA540 Fatal Error Report: Discount Rate Required    

Started By  SSmith
Need help in fixing fatal error: Discount rate required on MA540 fatal error report. MA54 shows the Discount Date but the Discount Rate and Amount fields are blank. The vendor in particular do not receive discounts. We setup the following substitution table but, still receiving error. Does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be corrected List name: L1_MAP_INV_TERMS Lawson Value: N External Value: Tpid
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9/22/2022 7:34 PM

How does one add a new UOM?    

Started By  Miguel Acevedo
During the pandemic, we started purchasing (PL) pallets of some products, but that UOM does not exist. I have been using Bulk all this time, but the invoices don't match automatically. Does anyone know how to add a UOM
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/10/2022 2:41 PM

Approval Authority Limits    

Started By  Kat V
Our signature authority thresholds have not changed since we went live with Lawson back in 1996.  In prepping for our new system, we're looking to update them and were wondering if anyone would be willing to share theirs Currently, any equipment/instrument with a unit cost of $1500 or higher is capital. For department routine orders for goods and services, anything
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by  sea2skyJump to last post
11/2/2022 2:22 AM

Price Changing    

Started By  PF1234
Does anyone know how to find out which Lawson user changed an item price Like a change log I've checked the audit log but nothing shows.
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/13/2022 12:14 PM

Help on Comment tables    

Started By  Greg Moeller
But they are unsure which table it exists in. Can anyone refresh my memory on the naming scheme for these tables (L_Hxxx, and L_Dxxx).
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
10/24/2022 1:39 PM

Procedure Info Missing In GHX    

Started By  SSmith
We have started using procedure information for certain vendors and have also enabled the data onto PO's (PO10.1). We have checked a few PO's that were transmitted through GHX and see that the Serial and Lot numbers are listed correctly at GHX but some of the other fields like Physician Name, Procedure Date, and Case Number are not appearing. Do they need to 'turn something on' Do we need to change to a different 'MAP' or 'PROCESS'(ED10) for this to be sent I am not sure it's on our Lawson ...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
10/31/2022 2:30 PM

Special Character in Vendor Item    

Started By  Fritz Osorio
I'm not sure if there's another thread with a resolution on this.... My situatiion is that a special character was uploaded as a vendor item so I tried adding another PO13 record with the correct vendor item and made it default (it did not automatically default as it has the same vendor). I'm now trying to inactivate or at best delete the erroneous record but 'Vendor item does not exist' pops up.... Any advice....
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by  Fake_waterJump to last post
12/9/2022 8:06 PM

Vendor short shipment    

Started By  pglibra
Good morning, Here is a scenario I would like to know how others handle it. An inventory item is ordered; vendor does not ship but packing slip shows it was with shipment. Vendor is notified. Vendor issues credit since invoice has been issued and sends replacement. Currently, the process to handle this situation is the PO line is increased to accomodate replacement; receipt is done and then a return is done for the missing item. Does not sound right to me. Comments/Suggestions Thank...
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by  Kat VJump to last post
1/10/2023 3:59 PM

Multiple PO25 agreements for an item    

Started By  pglibra
If I have an item in Lawson listed under 2 PO25 agreements, how does Lawson know which one to use when creating PO I was under the assumption it would use the lower price agreement. Both agreements seem to be exact in nature with the exception of the price. However, PO's seem to be using the higher price agreement. I cannot put the higher price agreement ON HOLD because there are items on it that are not on the lower price PO25...if that makes sense. Should I change the Priority level under ...
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by  pglibraJump to last post
2/21/2023 8:49 PM

po10.2 vendor order day    

Started By  Dan Z
I'm part of a large national system and trying to control an order day for 1 specific vendor for our region of 10 acute facilities. Our normal standard is no unique vendor order days, but I thought I could manipulate this with the purchase from. Each facility has a unique purchase from. We flipped the flag to Wednesday 'Y' in po10.2 but the inventory orders are not being held and release on other days. Any ideas of what i'm missing Could po 10.1 overide po 10.2
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by  Dan ZJump to last post
3/21/2023 8:34 PM

PO25.6_Is there an audit for this form?    

Started By  Bev Edwards
Is there an audit available for PO25.6
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by  Kat VJump to last post
2/28/2023 10:21 PM

how to run report in Lawson Addins    

Started By  berban35
How to run a report in Addins  that shows all req that shows all (NAme,req,descr,vendor,date)
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by  John HenleyJump to last post
2/28/2023 10:16 PM

How to link REQ to PO in Lawson Tables    

Started By  Laurie DeSantis
We have a report to run for a specific company and cost center.  The report needs to contain REQ and PO.  Which table(s) will obtain this information Is there a current PO table that contains REQ   We've tried REQLINE AND PORECLINE along with REQHEADER but are unable to link to get a PO.
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by  Joe CarfagnoJump to last post
4/11/2023 12:55 PM

Purchasing Discounts    

Started By  Joe Carfagno
We're trying to understand best practices for Discounts and Prepayments. There are times when we order several high price items from a vendor. The vendor will give us a discount on the complete PO. We're unsure how to enter the amounts for each line item, especially since we'll receive the items at different times. We don't know if the vendor will charge us full price on the item or apply the pro-rated discount to each item.
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4/7/2023 6:10 PM

Purchasing Prepayments    

Started By  Joe Carfagno
We're looking for best practices on handling pre-payments on Purchase Orders for equipment. There are times when the vendor will ask us for a certain prepayment for a purchase order and another payment after a project meets a certain period. We don't have a good way of matching invoices to the POs. Any advice would be appreciated.
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4/7/2023 6:15 PM

IC12 Audit    

Started By  pglibra
Good afternoon, Is there an audit log for IC12 Trying to find when an IC12 location was inactivated. Thank you
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by  pglibraJump to last post
7/27/2023 3:37 PM

N2 Segment GHX/EDI    

Started By  Ann
We currently transmit EDI/GHX orders using the N2 segment for  - Owens, Medline, Henry Schein and Fisher.  We would like to expand this functionality to other vendors to capitalize on their ability to use this field (requesting location) to ship direct to our offsite locations.  If you're using the N2 segment for other vendors, might you provide the vendor names
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8/2/2023 12:11 PM

HIBC Fields    

Started By  Janet Malavet
Hi everyone, Is there  a field to enter HIBC in Lawson  I see we have a GTIN field but I don't see a HIBC field.  It there is no HIBC field what is everyone else using to enter that code Please let me know since we would like to enter that code in Lawson.
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11/7/2023 3:41 PM

Adding GTIN's to vendor items    

Started By  Chris
Hello I'm new to the Lawson Guru community, I have recently been task with assigning GTIN numbers to all vendor items in our ERP system. Im looking for pointers from anyone that has worked on a similar project. One of my questions just to name a few  is how do I test the system before doing a upload. Also how do I add GTIN's to vendor items that have multiple units of measure on IC11. Thank You in advance
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2/12/2024 8:07 PM
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